Engaging Relationships – a link to improving mental health

| August 25, 2015

How social media platforms together with in-person group work, improves mental health

A strong consensus is growing in the behavioral health community that people can reduce their mental health struggles, as well their vulnerability, if the right environment and support is provided. A major challenge facing those in need, however, is that not all people and organizations can afford the price of effective support; support that may include one-on-one counseling, in-house retreat type programs, and so on.

“Because most mental health struggles are rooted in relationship fractures – providing opportunities to build engaging relationships enhance participants’ mental health”

Health Masters’ first attempt to challenge the escalating mental health crisis was in 2004 with the development of Alive Resort. This 24-person retreat centre produced successful outcomes helping people overcome their mental health struggles. The problem with this first attempt, though, was that only those with the financial means could afford it.

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Health Master Outdoor Group Session

Today, the Alive Resort Health Masters’ program has evolved into Health Masters version 3.0: a facilitated group-based learning program that is accessible and affordable to everyone.  During the 7-week program, 11-15 people meet every week in a facilitated group session. In-between each session, participants remain engaged in the process by using a social media platform to work on online e-Learning assignments. Because making improvements to one’s mental health is intrinsically tied to experiencing deep, engaging relationships, Health Masters focuses on providing structured, group environments that help people stay engaged while achieving their mental health goals.

Learn more on how Health Masters works to improve mental health by watching this video:

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